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Survey Panel Features:

  • Influence the development of new products and services by voicing your opinions
  • Earn around $3 US for every survey you complete
  • Generous referral program: Earn around $2 US for every survey your friends (referrals) complete
  • Earn around $1 US for every survey your friends' friends (referrals' referrals) complete
  • Monthly sweepstakes opportunities

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Anyone 14 years of age or older
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Interview: SurveySavvy

The Community Manager for SurveySavvy speaks to Surveybounty


SurveySavvy was one of the first online survey panels in existence who still offers one of the best referral programs on the web. Find out how to make the most out of online survey taking by following the tips and advice provided below.

SurveyBounty: How do people join SurveySavvy and what advice do you have for them?

SurveySavvy: Consumers are always looking for a place to take paid surveys online. SurveySavvy is a great place to do just that. They can start off by simply going to SurveySavy and click on Join Now. It is crucial that people provide accurate information during the sign up process. We reference that initial information to determine what surveys they qualify for. Some people feel inclined to exaggerate or embellish a little thinking it will help them qualify for more surveys. This could not be further from the truth.

SB: Can you explain the survey taking process?

SS: Before you understand the process of taking surveys you have to understand the process of surveys in general. 99.99% of surveys are used to help business owners and organizations make better decisions regarding products, advertising and branding. And because the decisions they make are based on the answers given in surveys, it is extremely important that the information gathered in our surveys be as accurate as possible. So naturally it is important that you as the survey taker give accurate and up to date responses. Otherwise the data is useless or tainted and you will be disqualified.

SB: How can survey takers qualify to take more surveys through SurveySavvy?

SS: To make it easier for members to qualify for more surveys, we have a "My Portraits" section on Once you're registered and signed in it will be in the main menu at the top, right above the word "welcome." Once you've clicked on "My Portraits" there will be a list of different types of portraits. The first two "About your employment" and "About your health" are the most important ones to fill out. But if you want to get the most out of being a SurveySavvy panel member fill out all your portraits.

At SurveySavvy we use portraits to help us determine which surveys to send you. Most of our highest paying surveys only get sent out to people that fill out their portraits. So if you've never been paid $30 or more from us for a survey it's probably because you didn't fill out your portraits. So everyone reading this, new member or old, should go sign in to and fill out your portraits.

Surveysavvy Panel

SB: Tell us how members of SurveySavvy can make money without taking surveys

SS: That would be through our great referral program. Referrals are how our panel members at that make the most money make their money. With we not only pay you for your referrals but also for your referrals referrals. Every panel member has a unique ID that allows us to track your referrals. You can find your ID by signing in to Then click on "My Referrals" in the main menu right next to "My Portraits". This will open up a page that gives you access to your Referral Link.

SB: What should a panelist do with their referral link?

SS: It's really simple. Get your link in front of as many people as possible. You can use the "Refer Someone" button in the menu to send a single email. But let me show you a better way. You start the same way by clicking on the "Refer Someone" button but then you send the email to yourself. Once you've received the email you forward it to your entire contact list and every email you know all at once by CC or copying them in the email. This way you get your referral link out to many more people with only sending it once.

SB: Any tips on how to get more referrals?

SS: Put it on your facebook page and send out daily tweets with your referral link. Many of you may even be members of forums where you can post your referral link in your profile or in comments. The secret with getting paid from referrals is patience. This is not a "Get Rich Quick Scheme." You have to explore every avenue. If your friends don't mind, post your referral link on their facebook wall or even find groups on facebook about making money online and share your link with the group. The key is to not just use one medium to get your link out there. Use everything at your disposal and keep at it.

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SurveySavvySurveySavvy is an online survey panel operated by Luth Research. Founded in 1977, Luth Research has 3 offices across the U.S. and is a global leader in the marketing research industry.

In 1999, Luth Research launched SurveySavvy, an online survey panel that currently has approximately 3.5 million members. SurveySavvy claims it has paid out more cash to members than any other online market research company. This figure is approximately $14 million dollars.

SurveySavvy has a strict policy privacy, anti-SPAM policy, and adheres to COPPA - the Children's Online Privacy Protection ACT. It is also a member of the BBB Reliability Program, and bears the BBB Privacy Online Seal. SurveySavvy's website is also tested daily by Scan Alert and is considered to be "Hacker Safe".

SurveySavvy has a 3-tiered referral system for its panelists. Survey respondents receive, on average, $3.00 per survey completed, $2.00 per survey completed by referred friends, and $1.00 per survey completed by referrals' referrals. This system allows respondents to increase their earnings potential as members of the SurveySavvy panel.

As a bonus, SurveySavvy offers entries into their monthly sweepstakes, each time a panelists does not qualify for a survey, but has completed the survey screener. The current sweepstakes offer is a monthly drawing for 50 $10 cash prizes.

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