Michael Named Head of Synovate's ViewsNet Global Online and Panel Business

CHICAGO -- MICHALIS Michael, former managing director of Synovate in Central Europe and Russia, has moved to Chicago from Warsaw, Poland, to take up a new post as Head of Global Online and Panel Marketing & Operations.

Before Michael's appointment, Synovate ViewsNet, the global online and panel research initiative, was led by Sydney-based Jonathan Jephcott.

Michael is tasked with setting up a quality data collection service, including cost-effective global online panels for survey, and a centralised operations facility for hosting, analysing and reporting online survey data. He will be responsible for supplying strategy, best practice guidelines, marketing and training in online research to all of Synovate's global operations, as well as ongoing development and management of all global online and mail access panels.

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Michael is a Greek Cypriot who's lived in Poland since 1997, heading up 12 countries, seven of which have Synovate offices. He joined the former MEMRB (now Synovate) in 1995 and was responsible for bringing online research capabilities to Synovate in Central Europe, the Middle East and Africa since 1999.

Synovate ViewsNet assumed responsibility for existing US and Canadian panel businesses earlier this year. The number of access panel households now stands at 1,450,000, of which one million are Internet access households - one of the largest in the world.

Under Michael's direction, panel expansion continues in key markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Singapore and Hong Kong. More than 120,000 new panelists are slated for Western Europe by the end of August.

Carat, the media buying arm, of Synovate parent company Aegis Group plc, was commissioned to spearhead recruitment in these six markets. "We aim to become a global force in the online and access panel research sphere," says Michael. "Recent progress indicates that ViewsNet is on track to achieve this objective."

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