Synovate National Day Survey Reveals Singapore's Greatest Achievement in 40 Years

SINGAPORE -- Singaporeans love their country, are proud of its Government and believe becoming a developed nation in one generation is their greatest achievement in the past 40 years, according to a survey released today by leading global market research company, Synovate.

Synovate Asia Pacific Associate Director ViewsNet, Ms Sietske Wouda, said the Singapore National Day Survey demonstrated the strong pride all Singaporeans have for their country.

"Conducted using Synovate's online consumer panel, Synovate ViewsNet, the Synovate National Day Survey shows just how much Singaporeans love their country, with 88% of respondents believing that Singapore is a good place to live," Ms Wouda said.

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"Singaporeans are also very proud of what they have achieved since independence with 48% naming becoming a developed country in one generation their greatest achievement of the past 40 years, along with the development of infrastructure (24%) and the cleanliness of the city (7%)."

Many reasons were cited for Singapore residents' belief that the Lion City is a great place to live with Government the top choice among 36% of respondents, along with the cleanliness of the city (10%), the lifestyle (9%), being a regional hub (9%) and Singapore's multi-cultural society (8%).

"Although Singaporeans love their lifestyle, things aren't entirely perfect and the number one thing 21% of respondents would change to make Singapore a better place is to reduce the cost of living," Ms Wouda said.

"Other changes Singaporeans would like to see include a better education system (5%) and, something a little more outside of their control, having milder weather with different seasons (5%)."

Singaporean pride in their Government came through when respondents were asked to identify people who captured Singapore's unique nature.

"When asked to name the person who best epitomises the Singaporean spirit, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew was the top choice named by 36% of respondents with Senior Minister and second Prime Minister, Goh Chok Tong (5%), past President, Wee Kim Wee (3%) and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (2%) other leading choices," said Ms Wouda. "Outside of Government figures, respondents believe TV character Phua Chu Kang (2%) and the everyday hardworking Singaporean (2%) best capture the Singaporean spirit. "With 58% of Singaporeans planning to either attend the National Day Parade in person or watch it on television, the Synovate National Day Survey shows that Singaporeans truly believe they have something to celebrate and are looking forward do doing just that," Ms Wouda added.

About the survey
The Singapore National Day survey was conducted from 29 June 2005 to 5 July 2005 using Synovate ViewsNet - an online panel. The respondents were Singapore residents aged 15 and above and the data was weighted to reflect the profile of online users in Singapore.

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Synovate ViewsNet is an online research solution that guarantees reliable, quality data with fast turnaround of results from a comprehensive panel of Singaporean consumers.

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