The NPD Group Launches Comprehensive Video Game Ownership and Usage Monitor

Detailed Title-Level Data Provides In-Depth View of Consumer Purchasing and Usage Habits

PORT WASHINGTON, NEW YORK, - Leading sales and marketing information company, The NPD Group, today announced the launch of its Video Games Hits Monitor, a quarterly tracking service that provides an in-depth view of video game title-level consumer information. The new service gives retailers, manufacturers and publishers the ability to better understand the demographic and geographic profiles of gamers owning and playing their products, as well those of their competitors.

Developed for those in the video game industry trying to understand ownership demographics, profiles, playing habits and purchasing habits for individual games titles, Video Games Hits Monitor complements NPD's existing base of consumer information on the latest purchases of video game software and platforms.

The new service examines the installed base of platform and title ownership and use, attitudes and motivators, demographic profiles and much more. Benefits of the new service include the ability to provide d etailed insight on specific titles owned and played, platforms used, hours played, online vs. offline usage, item-specific customer satisfaction, owner and player profiles, and future purchase intent of new releases.

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"Our clients rely on their ability to understand what it takes to make a hit title and as the gaming audience grows and diversifies, this becomes more and more difficult. We developed this service to give clients additional insights into who is playing each hit title, what else they own and play, and their attitudes and perceptions of the different titles," said Richard Ow, Director, NPD Funworld.

The new service will allow for monitoring not only of a company's own titles, but also those of its competitors, and how they rate in comparison to each other. In addition, companies can gain a better understanding of cross-title ownership. Purchasing behavior data will provide guidance regarding product distribution and advertising/promotional planning, while gaming behavior will provide insights for marketing/advertising and campaign planning. Marketers can also garner promotional information on their titles from the item-level rating results.

"This strategic product leverages the strength of the NPD Consumer Panel to a greater degree and complements the Funworld Games portfolio as it addresses a very specific need for our more sophisticated and strategic clients," said Ow.

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NPD Funworld offers the most complete picture available of the total U.S. market for video games, PC games and related products. We provide manufacturers, retailers, licensors, publishers, developers and financial services companies with unique and timely item-level sales tracking spanning three generations as well as the "why behind the buy".

Our comprehensive coverage of what is selling, where, to whom and at what price makes our information indispensable for benchmarking, competitive analysis, identifying new channel opportunities, sales, marketing, pricing and product planning.

In addition to the U.S. focus, NPD also tracks video games in the Canadian market.

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