GMI's New Global Online Medical Panel Accesses Real-Time Feedback from Over a Million Physicians, Nurses and Chronicallly Ill Patients advances research for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries by offering double opt-in verification panels for medical market researchers

Seattle , WA - GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.), a leading provider of global market intelligence solutions, today announced MedPerspective (, a global online medical panel that provides medical market researchers with a cost-effective, online alternative to face-to-face and paper-based interviews. The panel consists of over one million doctors, nurses and chronically ill patients from over 200 countries, representing over 35 languages. By gathering global medical opinions quickly, GMI's MedPerspective panels help market researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries make better strategic decisions about research direction, product development, pricing, branding and promotional activities.

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"Pharmaceutical companies spent $51 billion on research and development alone worldwide in 2005," says Daniel Naimey, GMI's managing director of medical research. " GMI's medical panels can help life science companies make better drug development pipeline and product development decisions through instant access to global, highly qualified medical professional and patient opinions . Currently, for every 5,000 compounds in the development pipeline, only one will make it through the FDA approval process. Through better and faster access to feedback from larger and more diverse groups of physicians and patients, better decisions related to financial support for certain development level compounds can be made."

As incentive to participate, panelists are offered either cash honorariums or, for every survey taken, thirty days' access to a first-of-its-kind biomedical search engine that quickly isolates key research information from a wide variety of biomedical research repositories. The research tool, named Vivísimo, is custom-developed by GMI and Vivísimo , Inc. (,) a provider of innovative search engine software based in Pittsburgh, PA . Using Vivísimo , medical professionals can harvest the latest medical research and developments from a variety of sites, including PubMed, rather than visiting each site individually to access data, significantly reducing overall research time. Similarly, patients can source information about their medical condition in less time than traditionally required.

"We have worked with GMI's Global Panels team on multiple complex pharmaceutical research projects both in the U.S. and Europe, and they have consistently delivered the results we needed, on time and within budget," explains Jim Pullen, vice president and CTO for The Link Group, a full-service marketing research firm based in Atlanta, GA. " GMI 's medical panels really meet the needs of our key pharmaceutical clients."

Pricing and availability

GMI's physician, nurse and patient panels are available now. For pricing information, please contact us at

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GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.) is the only company that provides comprehensive integrated solutions for global market intelligence for both market research firms and corporate market research departments at Global 2000 companies. Solutions include Net-MR, a suite of software tools to manage and automate research throughout the project lifecycle, desktop analysis tools, 24/7 service bureau capabilities, and one of the world's largest, highly profiled, double opt-in managed panels, spanning across 200 countries. In addition, GMI offers high-value, real-time enterprise feedback solutions for customer, partner and employee programs. Founded in 1999 with world headquartersin Seattle, Wash., GMI has operations on five continents. More information is available at

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