Anholt-GMI Nation Brands Index: Brand America Reigns King

Worldwide, Consumers Still Extol Value of U.S. Products, Investment and Culture

SEATTLE, Oct. 27, 2005 – The most recent Anholt-GMI Nation Brands Index (NBI) reveals that despite current global negative views toward U.S. foreign policy and overall governance, worldwide perceptions of the United States as a place in which to live and work, as well as its products and culture, are still positive both abroad and at home. The NBI, which surveyed 10,000 consumers in 10 different countries, gauges people’s perceptions of a particular country across six areas of national competence: Investment and Immigration, Exports, Culture and Heritage, People, Governance and Tourism.

The U.S. is seen as the number-one spot for investments, both exports and brands, even by countries that are not traditionally viewed as close political allies. For example, China ranked the U.S. as number one for exports - industry data reveals that U.S. goods exports to China in 2004 were up 22.4 percent from the previous year. The Chinese also view the U.S. as one of the best places to live and work, providing evidence that there may be a flux of investment and immigration from this country. Lastly, the Chinese chose the U.S. as the second most desired place to visit “if money was no object."

The U.S.' vital economic partner, Japan, has positive perceptions of U.S. exports and investment opportunities also, placing the U.S. second for products. Like China, Japan views the U.S. as one of the best places to live and work.

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U.S. praise is not limited to the world’s superpowers. India, an emerging country that has recently seen an enormous boom in contact center outsourcing from many U.S. companies, ranks the U.S. as number one in the Investment and Export categories. Furthermore, India is one of the few countries that ranks the U.S. as number one in the category of people, meaning, “those they would want as a friend and/or whom they would hire.” It’s not surprising that English, Australian and Canadian consumers rank products “made in the U.S.A” in the top three; they also rate the U.S. among the top three as a place to live and work.

How Americans View Other Countries
Americans display a natural gravitation towards English-speaking countries, ranking the UK as top pick (after themselves) in three out of six categories (Governance; Culture and Heritage; and Investment and Immigration). They also rank UK products as third, and both Australian and Canadian people in their top five. Additionally, Americans rank Japan as second for exports after themselves, reinforcing the U.S.’ high regard for Japanese product imports.

The NBI also shows that in some cases, the perceptions of how Americans see other countries, and vice versa, is not entirely reciprocated. For instance, while the Japanese have high regard for the U.S. as a place to live and work, Americans rate Japan as eighth in this category. Similarly, Americans rate Australia relatively low in the area of exports although Australians put the U.S. at the top of the charts for the same category. Americans rate China low as a place to live and work and only number six for exports, even though this strategic economic partner gives us high ratings. Uniquely, Canada is the nation that ranks the U.S. as number one in the area of culture, while Americans rank Canada as 11th.

Self-Rankings Universally High
Most countries' perceptions of themselves are high across the board. The U.S. gives itself number-one status in every category. Among the top five to rate their own countries at the top of the charts are Canada, Japan and the UK. Addressing this trend, Simon Anholt, NBI co-creator and leading international expert on nation branding, commented, “If you don’t believe in your own nation's brand, it's unlikely that anybody else overseas will, which is probably why exports from countries such as the U.S., UK, and Japan are so highly regarded."

Room for Improvement While American exports, products and the opportunity to invest, live and work in the U.S. are still highly regarded, overall the U.S. government and its people rank relatively low, even among its closest allies. In the people category, Australians, English and Canadians place the U.S. seventh, sixth and 11th respectively. And, like most of the other countries, these three rate American governance in the bottom middle-half (Australia, UK and Canada rated the U.S. at 13, 14, and 14, respectively).

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About Anholt-GMI Nation Brands Index
The Q3 Anholt-GMI Nation Brands Index was conducted August 8-17, 2005 on the GMIPoll Platform ( which provides integrated solutions for global public opinion polling research. A 1,000 representative sample (3% margin of error) based on age, gender, and where applicable geographical region, race and ethnicity were collected in each country. For further information about the Anholt-GMI Nation Brands Index methodology, please contact GMI, Inc. at

About Simon Anholt
Anholt developed the concept of the Nation Brands Index in 2005 and the first Index was published in April 2005. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on the branding of countries, regions and cities. Anholt advises a number of national governments and UN agencies on brand strategy, public diplomacy, cultural relations, investment and export promotion, tourism and economic development. He is the editor of the quarterly journal, Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, and the author of Brand New Justice, Brand America and several other books.

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