Friday, 10 June 2005

Nintendo and Nike Are the Favorite Brands of Kids, According to Decision Analyst and Hypothesis

ARLINGTON, TX, (NAMC) - Nintendo and Disney are the favorite brands of Americans eight to 12 years old, while Nike and Hummer are best-liked among teenagers 13 to 17, according to a recent study by Decision Analyst in conjunction with Hypothesis.

Earlier this year, Decision Analyst conducted a nationwide survey for the marketing research firm Hypothesis. Titled "Hot or Not?," the survey divided respondents into two age groups -- 8 to 12 and 13 to 17 -- and asked kids which brands, products, and personalities are "hot" and which are "not."

Asked to identify the three "coolest" brands, 42 percent of respondents 8 to 12 years old chose Nintendo, while 36 percent think Disney is among the coolest. Another 31 percent chose McDonald's, 21 percent said Nike, and 20 percent chose Hummer. At the bottom of the list, Toyota, Volkswagen, Levi's, Dell, Ford, and Starbucks were considered coolest by no more than 3 percent of younger kids.

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By age 13, however, impressions were changing, according to the study. When kids 13 to 17 were asked to name the coolest brands, 26 percent cited Nike, while 23 percent said Hummer. Next were Abercrombie, Sony, and Nintendo, selected by 21 percent. Much lower on the list were Ford, Levi's, and Burger King, selected by 4 percent of older kids. Lower yet, Volkswagen was considered a hot brand by 3 percent of respondents, and Toyota by only 1 percent.

For this study, implemented in May, 670 young people 8 to 17 years old were surveyed. The study was conducted by means of Decision Analyst's American Consumer Opinion(R) Online Panel, one of the world's largest Internet consumer opinion panels. It has more than 5 million participants around the world. The study's margin of error is plus or minus 4 percent.

For more information about the study, including a complimentary set of charts based on key findings, contact Christina Siden at 213-533-7006. For more information about Decision Analyst's American Consumer Opinion(R) Online Panel, contact Ann Mayer-Guell at 817-640-6166.

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