Making Money With Survey Sites - Free vs Premium Memberships

There are plenty of legitimate online survey companies that pay panelists to share their opinions. While most of these are free for individuals to join, the amount of time it can take to earn a big payout can be longer than some people would like to wait. The rewards at these free sites will eventually add up, but with smaller payouts for each survey and a limited amount of surveys available to complete, some panelists can get impatient. This is where taking surveys through a Premium Membership site comes in.

A Premium Membership simply means that the user pays a small fee upon joining (usually just a one-time payment), and then they begin to receive access to online surveys with higher overall payouts, focus group opportunities and a much larger selection of available surveys than most of the free sites offer. They also offer high quality service and support for their members. When researching online survey sites to register with, there are many good reasons to consider a Premium Survey Membership.

Faster Payouts

People like to join online survey sites in order to make extra money, and waiting for a long time to complete enough surveys to cash out can be frustrating. This is where getting a membership to a Premium Survey company over joining a free site comes out ahead. Although there is a fee to join, the surveys are definitely more lucrative and therefore panelists can redeem their rewards sooner. Also, these companies tend to be more reliable overall with bigger name-brand companies wanting to use them for their market research needs. The fee usually pays for itself pretty quickly, considering the number available and their higher reward system.

Focus Groups

Another benefit of having a premium survey membership is the chance to take part in a focus group. A focus group is similar to taking part in a survey, except panelists meet in person in a group setting or online in a chat-room. They are then asked to give their opinions in this format, which gives researchers a better understanding of individual opinions on their products rather than just using a multiple choice quiz.

Focus groups typically reward panelists a higher amount than online surveys, and are a great way to give companies specific feedback to improve their products and services. Without being restricted to a short, online format, companies receive more accurate and instant results, which they can begin to implement right away. The panelists get to meet others with similar interests to their own and feel like more of a part of the survey site's community.

Better Quality Surveys

The main reason to join a Premium Survey site is of course the pay. With a much greater number of surveys available, a bigger selection of topics and a higher payout system in place it makes sense to take a good look into these types of websites. Because a lot of Premium survey companies are well known in the industry for their high standards, more and more big name companies approach them to conduct market research for them. This results in higher quality surveys being passed on to their premium members.

Just like free sites however, panelists should do their own online research and be sure they are dealing with a legitimate company. Some who ask for a fee upfront simply give a list of other survey companies that are available for free elsewhere, such as on this website. It's always a good idea to do research on any survey company before signing up.

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