What are Pay to Join Surveys?


After paying a one-time small initial fee to register with a pay to join survey company, the company allows you to download their special survey software which allows for super-efficient survey taking, or you get access to a huge database (of around 400 companies) that offer online surveys, etc. Simply put, you become much more efficient at being able to register with a number of survey companies at once, and taking the surveys themselves often become faster (form filling software is often included). People who would use this service are typically those who take online survey-taking more seriously, and would like to make a fair amount of money doing so.


The cost for signing up with a company that offers this kind of service is nominal. One-time fees of $25.00 - $40.00 US is typical. This entitles registrants to a huge database of survey companies, survey software, or often some great bonuses that may include free magazine subscriptions, free business cards, vacation offers, etc.

Financial Reward

What can you expect from a service like this? Expect to get a lot more survey invitations which thus equals more cash rewards. It's difficult to pin a number on how successful you will be, but it's pretty reasonable to expect that you will make a few hundred dollars yearly, or possibly even monthly. Some companies offering this service say you can potentially make a couple thousand dollars monthly with their service. This may be true, but unless you are available to participate in surveys 24/7, you won't likely choose to participate in all studies you are invited to join. Time-constraints (aka a day job) are usually the biggest thing holding people back.

Ready to Sign up?

Before choosing which company to sign up with, do your research. SurveyBounty offers a great selection of pay to join companies. Make sure to look at refund policies, initial cost, benefits offered, etc. before making your choice. Click here for a quick comparison.