Surveybounty Survey Alerts Newsletter

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Why Register for SurveyBounty Survey Alerts?

  • Find out when a new survey panel is looking for panelists
  • Get notified of survey companies that are not listed on our website
  • Have the opportunity to register with these new survey panels. Remember, the more survey panels you register with, the better your chances of earning or winning money!
  • Only receive survey panel notifications relevant to your demographic
  • Receive updates on new features on our website, and blog.

How Often Will I be Contacted?

You will be contacted when a new survey panel is looking for panelists who fit your age group, nation country, etc. This, on average, will be about once or twice per month. This number may fluctuate primarily depending on whether or not there are new survey panels servicing your country.

Why Are You Asking Me for So Much of My Personal Information?

When a survey company is looking for people to join their panel, they are often only looking for people from a particular country, or who may or may not have kids, etc. We also ask for information on your ethnicity as sometimes survey companies would like to get the opinions on products or services from people of a certain origin. In order for us to know whether we should be contacting you or not, we ask you to provide this information when registering for our Survey Alerts.

Surveybounty Respects Your Privacy

Our e-mail list is managed by a third party, so you can be rest assured that after you confirm your e-mail subscription, your information will not be sold by us to anyone. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.