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Why Become a Member of Hiving UK

  • Earn cash for completing surveys (paid via PayPal)
  • Cash out your points when your account reaches the a balance of only £4!
  • Be a lucky "user of the month" and win hundreds of Hiving points
  • Make an impact on services and products people use every day

Taking Surveys with Hiving UK

To start earning cash with Hiving UK, potential panelists only need to fill out the form on the website and follow the instructions to complete registration. Hiving UK requires personal information from all their members, which helps them determine the appropriate surveys to send to each panelist. Questionnaires with topics such as "Household" and "Health" further allow them to categorize their members and ensure more relevant surveys are distributed. This in turn ensures panelists are rewarded more often as they are less likely to be "screened out" of a potential survey, so filling out these profile questionnaires are important.

Hiving UK only uses these answers for statistical purposes and never sells this information. When a company asks Hiving UK to have their panelists answer a survey, they usually include a description of the type of panelist they would like opinions from. This criteria usually includes age, sex or occupation, so by having this information on file Hiving UK can easily poll the desired demographic for their clients.

Rewards Explained

Each time a panelist successfully completes an online survey, they receive rewards called "Hiving Points". Hiving Points are deposited into the panelist's account on the Hiving UK website until enough are accumulated to exchange for cash. For example, 400 Hiving Points can be exchanged for £4, payable to the panelist's PayPal account. Points can also be earned through the "Tell a Friend" program, where the panelist receives Hiving Points for successful referrals.

The amount of points earned depends on the time it takes to complete each survey. Panelists can expect to earn 5 points per minute, and the length of the survey is always announced on the survey invitation. So the amount of points available to be earned can be determined once a panelist fully completes the survey.

About Hiving UK

Hiving UK is a French brand formed in 2007 that specializes in online panels and survyes. They are an affiliate of the A2C Company who distribute surveys about current and future consumption trends in the UK.

Hiving believes in having a transparent and reliable relationship with their panelists, based on honesty and recognition of each other's rights and duties. The concept of "hiving" is based on the trend of "cocooning", although where cocooning describes the act of people retreating into seclusion at home from so many internet-based activities, hiving relates to the process of interacting with others around the world who are also often online and creating relationships with them.

Protection of Personal Information

Hiving UK provides a Privacy Policy link on their website so panelists can investigate their privacy procedures at their convenience. Hiving UK stores all personal information securely in their files in France. Panelists have access to the information they provide at registration by signing in to their account through a password they select themselves. Also, information gathered during surveys is processed anonymously and sent in aggregate form to the company conducting the survey.

Background Check

Privacy Policy on Website

Who Can Join

UK Residents 15 years of age or older.

Hiving UK Contact Info

3 Cité Rougemont
75009 PARIS



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