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  • Earn "Market Points" redeemable for cash, for every survey you take
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GlobalTestMarket is one of the largest and best-known online survey panels in the world. We wanted to find out more about GlobalTestMarket's panel, run by Global Market Insite, and we had a chance to ask them a few questions. Here's what they had to say:

SurveyBounty: Tell us a little bit about the GlobalTestMarket survey panel

GlobalTestMarket: The GlobalTestMarket survey panel is an organized community of profiled general consumers who take surveys about products ranging from games to groceries in exchange for cash incentives for their participation. Over 5.5 million households within more than 200 different countries currently participate.

SB: What is the relationship between GlobalTestMarket and Global Market Insite?

GTM: GlobalTestMarket is one of the many panel products offered by Global Market Insite. It is currently the largest panel that GMI maintains.

SB: How many panelists does GlobalTestMarket currently have, and where are they from?

GTM: GlobalTestMarket has a reach of over 5.5 million households within more than 200 different countries. We focus our primary recruiting efforts on affiliate networks, direct marketers, online advertising agencies, and webpages with high traffic or membership programs.

SB: When a panelist registers with GlobalTestMarket, what exactly do you do with their registration information, and how is this information protected?

GTM: Once a panelist double-opts in to the panel all of their information is loaded into our database. Our privacy policy states that we do not use our panelists for anything other than Market Research and so they need not worry about having their emails used by any other company besides GMI. For more information on our privacy policy please see

SB: How do you typically contact panelists for a survey?

GTM: We email each panelist that might qualify for a particular study with an HTML invite to start the survey. All they need to do is click on the link provided at their convenience and take the survey. We occasionally send out reminders after a few days for those who have not attempted to complete the study.

Global Market Insite is located on Mercer Island, Washington.

SB: When a panelist completes a survey, do they remain anonymous?

GTM: No personally identifiable information is ever given out (even to our clients) without the consent of the panelist. GMI only utilizes its panelists for market research purposes and we strictly adhere to our privacy policy. Our panelists are very important to us and so we do everything we can to maintain their anonymity.

SB: Tell us more about the MarketPoints system, and how it relates to survey incentives?

GTM: MarketPoints have a direct cash value of $0.05 USD per MarketPoint. When a panelist earns 1000 MarketPoints (usually completing an average of 10 surveys) they can redeem them for a check for the equivalent of $50.00 USD in their local currency. We do this in order to maintain consistency in our incentive structure among all of our panelists, no matter which country they call home.

SB: You are a member of the Better Business Bureau. What made you decide join?

GTM: In today's internet world, people are constantly aware of various scams and junk emails. GMI's membership to the Better Business Bureau acknowledges it as a legitimate corporation that maintains rigorous ethical business standards.

SB: What do you see as the future of online surveys?

GTM: Everyday, more and more of the world comes online and market research on the internet is worth almost one billion dollars a year and growing. As technology changes and our software capabilities increase, GMI will remain at the forefront of the online survey industry. As this growth occurs, maintaining a worldwide focus will be crucial to staying ahead of the curve.

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