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  • Cash for online survey completion
  • Payments issued within 3 weeks via check or PayPal
  • Approximately one paid survey per month available (depending on region)
  • Over 7,000,000 current panelists from all over the world!
  • Take surveys put on by some of the biggest telecom, pharmaceutical, and food services companies out there
  • Super-short panel registration form

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Brand Institute, is an online survey panel which accepts panelists from all over the world. Specilizing in medical surveys, Brand Institute also conducts consumer surveys, and awards panelists cash for each survey completion.

To discover more, here are 9 Questions we asked Brand Institute:

SB: How did the Brand Institute survey panel get started?

BI: Since Brand Institute's inception in 1993, we have successfully developed a very strong medical panel as well as a consumer panel (which is mostly used for patient surveys). Furthermore, after Brand Institute's success on the medical surveys' field, Brand Institute came to life when the need for a panel leasing branch was encountered. So from that point on, BI and Online Global Recruiting have shared panellists thus increasing the panel members' opportunities to earn more money for their time and insights.

SB: What makes Brand Institute unique?

BI: What makes Brand Institute unique is the fact that unlike other survey companies, we pay quickly with real money, not bonus points or raffle tickets. We also have a great team of experts who truly comprehend the importance of customer satisfaction. Anytime a panelist has a question, we are more than glad to walk him/her through our surveys.

SB: What exactly do you do with panelists' registration information, and how is it protected?

BI: Considering privacy and security are great international security concerns, Brand Institute keeps all of its panel members' information secure and does not share it with any other external parties. Also, all of our websites are Verisign certified.

SB: What types of companies hire you to conduct online surveys?

BI: Brand Institute primarily conducts business with the major global pharmaceutical companies and Brand Institute works with IT firms, financial institutions, medical device companies, and many other industries. Overall, we work with any and all types of companies.

Brand Institute Panel

SB: What are your online surveys typically about?

BI: Depending on the type of study we're conducting, surveys could as questions regarding very specific medical condition questions, opinions on certain products or images, to questions related to drugs.

SB: When a panelist completes a survey, do they remain anonymous?

BI: Each time a panel member completes a survey, his/her responses and identity remain confidential as outlined by the Marketing Research Association's policies and regulations.

SB: What type of incentives do you provide to panelists for their participation in a survey? BI: Aside from obtaining prompt compensation for their participation, we provide panelists the opportunity to participate in future surveys. Panelists that routinely submit accurate and complete surveys are added to our priority list, which will provide these panellists opportunities for more surveys and more money.

SB: Anything else you would like to share?

BI: We would like the world to know that at Brand Institute, we're committed to client satisfaction, which not only includes our regular client base, but also our panelists.

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