Online Survey Sites and Prizes

Many survey sites offer the opportunity to win prizes when you participate in an online survey or when you first register with a survey panel. The prizes can be anything from a gift certificate to an online store, to a large cash prize, or even vacations or cars.

Having a chance to win a great prize is a lottery in itself but with survey sites, there is one big difference: your chances of winning are much higher. Think about it, for any given online survey, there are only a certain amount of people taking that online survey, and somebody from that group will win the grand prize. The number of people taking the survey could be only a couple hundred or it may be a couple thousand. In any case, your chances of winning a prize are MUCH higher than any lottery you would traditionally pay to buy tickets for.

The following survey sites offer a chance to win prizes with their survey panel either when you take a survey, or when you first register:

Survey Site

Prizes Offered

Countries Accepted

American Consumer Opinion

$250 monthly member draw

Ipsos I Say

$1,000 new member draw
$250 monthly draws
Prizes for surveys


2 x $1000 cash prize draws
iPod Touch or $100 cash

NPD Group

$1,000 new member draw
Prizes for surveys

Opinion World UK

Prizes for suveys

Web Perspectives

$5,000 new member draw
Prizes for surveys

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