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Part III - A Little Known Fact

Most potential online survey job candidates are unaware of this next key point: "professional survey-takers" (that is, people who take online surveys for a living), are often, once discovered, blacklisted by marketing research companies. In other words, they are DELETED from a survey panel's database, and they do not receive future survey invitations.

Why are these types of survey takers a concern to online survey companies? Professional survey takers simply compromise the quality of a panel.

Think about it: a person who takes surveys for a living may know how to get through a survey extremely quickly and still get paid, they may know how to maximize the number of survey invitations they receive by providing inaccurate demographic information, all with the end goal of profiting as much as possible from their online surveys job. The survey panel in return receives low quality data which they might not be able to use but have to pay the panelist for anyway, and a smaller sample size as a result.

In other words, if 1000 people are required for a particular study, and 100 of them provide poor quality answers (which is characteristic of professional survey takers), the online surveys company now needs to find an additional 100 panelists for the study to compensate for the 100 poor quality respondents.

Rather than assume the same risk twice, if too many "red flags" pop up with a particular panelist who tends to have this type of behavior, they are simply never contacted again.

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