Online Paid Surveys Secrets

There are many tips and tricks for getting the most out of taking online surveys and increasing potential overall earnings.

Choosing which panels to join

When searching for an online survey panel to sign up with there are a few things to look for right away. First of all, membership should always be free. Businesses and services need opinions from a wide demographic of consumers and are willing to pay for this information. Websites that offer to provide you with a list of survey companies for a fee should be avoided as there are websites like this one that will provide you with a variety of authentic survey panels to choose from with no strings attached.

Take time to research what kinds of incentives each company offers. Some only distribute gift cards while others will pay out in cash. Sign up for a PayPal account after signing up with online survey companies as this is now a common method of payment.

There is no limit to the number of survey panels someone can join, just be sure to take the time to answer all surveys honestly. Many companies use timers during their surveys to make sure responders don't rush through just to get points and rewards.

Organization and efficiency

Keeping things simple makes the whole process more enjoyable. For starters, make sure the auto-fill function on the computer used for taking surveys has the correct information entered. Each survey company requests the same information upon registration (name, address, etc.) so make it easy by letting auto-fill do its job. Google Toolbar for example offers this type of function and cuts down on the time spent filling out information so panelists can get to the more lucrative task of answering surveys.

Surveys are usually sent out to the personal email addresses of panelists, so checking often throughout the day ensures no potential survey opportunities are missed. However, some companies list the surveys on their websites before sending them out via email, so bookmarking each one and checking in occasionally can result in more surveys and therefore more rewards. Don't forget to check junk folders as well, sometimes surveys end up there even if past surveys have made it through to the proper inbox.

Organizing survey invitation emails into folders to ensure none get misplaced and keeping invitations of completed surveys in case of a problem with point redemption are also good tips.


Often times panelists receive invitations to complete personal profile type questionnaires. While these usually do not pay, they give the companies a better idea of each person's lifestyle and can qualify them to receive more invitations over time. Sometimes an entry into a monthly sweepstakes is offered, and even if this is the only compensation it is worthwhile to complete these surveys.

Always be sure to look through the entire website of each market research panel after joining. There are often special offers, such as receiving points for referring friends or information on other types of jobs available, such as at-home product testing.

Start taking online surveys!