Sample Survey Questions

The type of question asked during a survey can and will be about a number of different things. Here is a sample of the type of survey questions you can expect to be asked:

  • Business
    • Example: If you own a business, how many new employees did you hire this year?
  • Economic Issues
    • Example: In your opinion, should interest rates rise?
  • Education
    • Example: Are you currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution?
  • Elections
    • Example: Did you vote in the 2004 federal election?
  • Foreign Policy
    • Example: Do you think we should tighten cross-border security to Canada?
  • Government Institutions
    • Example: Do you think the FBI is an effective government agency?
  • Health Issues
    • Example: Are you concerned about obesity in young children?
  • International Affairs
    • Example: Does the fear of terrorism keep you from doing things?
  • News Media
    • Example: Does CNN provide a non-biased news perspective?
  • Personal Beliefs
    • Example: Do you consider yourself a follower of the Christian faith?
  • Social Issues
    • Example: Do you think marijuana has a negative effect on society?
  • Technology
    • Example: When shopping online, are you concerned about privacy issues?

Why not tell the world how you feel about these issues? Do this by taking free online paid surveys.

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