SurveyPolice Approval

SurveyBounty Earns SurveyPolice Approval

On April 27, 2006, earned approval from the website.

The SurveyPolice website attempts to provide a feedback system for survey-takers to rank, review, and file complaints against online market research companies.

Websites that bear the SurveyPolice approval logo are approved for consumer confidence in website content. The approval is also only awarded to websites that do not mislead potential survey panelists, and do not sell their personal information to third parties.

SurveyBounty is proud to bear the SurveyPolice approval logo, and will continue to strive for reform within the online surveys community.

If you have had a problem with an online survey company that you would like resolved, please visit the SurveyPolice website to file a complaint with the ombudsman, and to file a complaint.

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