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Why is that many American market research companies disallow international survey participants from registering?

The answer to this is pretty straightforward; the companies hiring the market research company to do surveys for them, are only interested in an American audience? Why? Because Americans are part of their target market - the market they are specifically targeting their goods or services towards.

Not all market research companies are like this. We have compiled a listing of market research firms that welcome survey participants from Canada, the United Kingdom, and even those from international locations.

Market research is about discovering the answers to questions marketers pose. When a marketer poses a question to an American, it wouldn't make sense to get a Canadian to answer. People from different countries answer questions differently because of (but not limited to) their cultural, economic, and societal backgrounds.

Conclusion? Don't get mad that a market research firm is not accepting survey participants from your country. Our website is updated frequently, and we strive to bring you the best and the most updated listing of market research firms in your area. Don't give up - your opinion will be heard!

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