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Part II - Caution Points

The first point is a fairly obvious one: any website that claims you can consistently make $250 an hour or per day taking surveys, is simply lying. The reality is that an online survey job may yield an inconsistent amount of income.

Consider this: an online market research company has thousands of panelists in their database and typically has a variety of studies available simultaneously. That being said, many studies are very demographic-specific, and right off the bat, immediately exclude many survey panelists from ever being invited to participate in that particular survey.

Will you or will you not be contacted regularly to take online surveys? Nobody really knows for sure - especially not those with limited marketing research knowledge who claim you can make hundreds of dollars daily with a paid surveys job. This is not to say you won't make any money - quite the contrary. However, you must be aware that the amount of money you earn may fluctuate greatly, as opposed to a predictable bi-weekly paycheck, as is the case with most traditional jobs.

Another point to consider is that some market research companies will close your account if more than one person in your household is registered with their online panel. Before registering for a new survey panel, talk to your spouse, kids, friend, whoever is living with you, and make sure they are not members of the same online panel.

This policy imposed by survey companies is mainly for two reasons: they don't want duplicate survey answers, and they certainly want to avoid as much fraud as possible. Imposing limits on the number of household registrations helps regulate both of these issues.

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