Mobile Phone Surveys

As more and more of the world's population are purchasing mobile phones and using them on a daily basis, market research and survey companies cannot help but take notice. The result is a growing number of these companies giving panelists the option of filling out online surveys directly on their cell phones and other mobile devices.

Advantages of Cell Phone Surveys

Mobile phone surveys are a quick and convenient way to complete surveys and earn rewards. While regular online surveys can already be done at any time of day or night, completing surveys on a cellular phone gives panelists even more options. For instance, while riding on the train or bus a respondent can quickly fill out a survey and earn a few points before they even get to work! Or a panelist could complete a short cell phone survey while waiting at a coffee shop for that late friend to show up, and get paid for the time they would be sitting there anyway.

Mobile surveys are also a great choice for those who have to share a computer at home and may have to wait for their turn to log on. Another benefit is instant notification of new surveys. This can be a big help to those who forget to check their emails often enough and find that a survey is already closed by the time they open the link with their survey invitation. With immediate notifications of new surveys on their cell phones, panelists are able complete more surveys and earn more rewards in a shorter amount of time.

The Cost of Taking Mobile Phone Surveys

Taking surveys with a cell phone is for the most part the same as taking a survey on a laptop or desktop computer. Just like a panelist has to pay for their internet connection at home, a mobile phone survey taker needs to own a cell phone and have a service plan with it. Aside from needing a data plan to access an email account to complete a traditional type of survey, some market research companies offer surveys via text. So there are no additional charges for someone with texting included with their mobile phone plan.

Some companies offer mobile phone surveys through an App to give their panelists easier access to questionnaires. These Apps are available through the individual survey company websites for download and are an added convenience some companies offer.

Types of Cell Phone Surveys

During the registration process, panelists will be asked if they would like the option of answering surveys through their mobile device. When a respondent answers yes, more details will be asked of them, such as what type of device they own, the brand of their phone and what kind of features are available, such as photo and video, wifi only or does the user have a data plan.

Depending on the answers submitted, a number of different surveys are available to be sent to the panelist. Some are short surveys sent via text that simply require the respondent to text back an answer to each question. Others may ask for a picture, for example to take a photo of the outside of the building where the panelist is taking the survey and if they provide free wifi.

Survey companies may also alert panelists of a new survey via a text message. Within the text message itself is a link to the survey, and when the respondent opens the link inside the text message, a browser window will open on their mobile device and a standard survey will appear.

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