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Part V - How to Cautiously Maximize Income From Your Online Survey Job

Firstly, this point needs some clarification - working full time taking online surveys is nearly impossible. A more realistic approach to an online survey job is to seek out new panels to join, regularly participate in surveys when available, and most importantly, provide quality answers when completing surveys.

An elaboration on this last point is to really drive home the point of providing honest answers and providing as much detail as possible when filling in blank spaces in an online survey. Researchers always appreciate panelists who take the time to complete surveys thoroughly, and you may be rewarded with more survey opportunities for your efforts.

Participating in surveys for points or contest entries and not just for cash is also important. Remember that points are usually redeemable for cash (or gift certificates) anyway, and many survey incentives are entries for winning large sets of money...don't discredit these types of opportunities.

Even winning just one survey contest can bring in a significant amount of cash at once. A recent trend seems to show an increase in contest payouts, even as high as tens of thousands of dollars! Imagine winning even $5000 for 15 minutes of your time - not bad, is it?

An additional benefit to this is that your chances of winning a survey study prize is fairly decent, as compared to the lottery and other forms of gambling. As an example, you may have a one in one thousand chance of winning a thousand dollars with a survey, while the average lottery ticket yields odds somewhere in the neighborhood of one in one hundred thousand+ to win the same amount. There always has to be a winner and with online surveys you have better chances that the winner could be you.

A final point you may wish to consider is that if you are a specialist or professional, you may be eligible to join specialty survey panels. There are many online panels exclusively for people working in the health care industry, the technology field, and top tier professionals and executives. If you fit one of these categories, make sure to seek out panels seeking specialists like you. Survey incentives are often higher as the number of people fitting the classification is limited, professionals expect better incentives for their time, and their time availability is limited, providing more reason for better incentives.

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