Marketing Research Education

Education and Training Requirements

A bachelor's degree for most market and survey research jobs is usually the minimum educational requirement. A master's degree may be required for higher level positions. To stay current with the latest survey methods, continuing education is also important.

Courses in marketing, consumer behavior, business, economics, English, psychology, and sociology should be considered. As quantitative skills are important in the field, courses in mathematics, statistics, sampling theory and survey design, and computer science are very helpful.

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To gain invaluable work experience, college students interested in market and survey research should practice gathering and analyzing data, conducting different interview and survey methods, and writing reports of their findings, as when they enter the workforce, initially they will have similar duties.

Secondary skills and attributes of aspiring market and survey researchers include a keen eye for detail, patience and persistence, the ability to problem solve, working well with others and as a team, as well as refined oral and written communication skills.

No certification is currently necessary for market and survey researchers, however the Marketing Research Association (MRA) offers a certification program for professional researchers.

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