Commonly Asked Questions about Survey Taking Online

What are online surveys?

Companies need to understand consumers, and to do this they hire market research companies to survey their target audience. By registering online with these market research companies and providing your demographic information, you become eligible to voice your opinion in surveys that shape company decisions.

How do I participate in online surveys?

Once you register with a survey provider, your information is placed into a database. When a study matches your profile, you are sent an invitation by e-mail to participate in the survey. The e-mail states the approximate length of the survey, the topic and the incentive (cash, prizes, points, etc.) The survey is conducted online and once completed your check is mailed to you, or you are provided with information on how your incentive will be provided.

What's the difference between free surveys and pay to join surveys?

Free Surveys are just that - they are free. This means that registration is free, and participation is free too. You will still be provided with incentives to participate in studies. Pay to Join Surveys are a little bit different. You pay a small initial fee to register with these companies, and they will find surveys for you that are available for participation. People who would use this service are typically those who take online survey-taking more seriously, and would like to make a fair amount of money doing so.

How will I be contacted to receive survey invitations?

When you register with survey providers, you will be asked to provide an e-mail address. This address will then be used to e-mail you survey invitations. Simply follow the instructions in the e-mail, and your survey will be conducted online, via your browser. Rarely is there anything to download.

How will I be paid after I participate?

Normally you will be paid by check a few weeks later. Sometimes other payment receipt options such as PayPal are available. Othertimes if a gift certificate or product is the survey incentive, after completion of the survey, details will be provided as to when and how your reward will be delivered.

How often will I get survey invitations?

This depends on a variety of factors. Of course, the more market research companies you register with, the better chance you have of being invited to participate in studies. Also, if you fit a demographic that companies are particularly interested in, you will likely receive more survey invites than somebody else.

When I'm e-mailed a survey invitation, do I have to participate?

No. If you do not feel like participating in a particular study, the choice is simply yours.

Is there any cost to join?

There is no cost to participate in surveys. The only time there is ever a cost involved to participate in online surveys is when you register with a pay to join survey company which scours available surveys for you to take. A better explanation of what pay to join surveys are is provided above.

Who can register?

As you navigate our website and click on a survey provider, you will be provided with information that states who qualifies to register with the chosen company. For example, many companies only allow US residents who have reached the age of majority to register, while others allow international residents over the age of 13 (with parental consent) to participate.

What do I get for participating?

Incentives range from a stated amount of cash, to merchandise, to chances to win big prizes, to points redeemable for cash or merchandise. Incentives (or rewards) for surveys are stated in the e-mail invitation you will receive, inviting you to participate in the survey. Keep in mind that when you are offered a chance to win a large sum of money, your chances are of winning are pretty good (compared to something like the lottery). You are often only competing against a few hundred other participants.

What do market research companies do with my data?

They report their findings to corporations that have hired them to conduct the studies. They don't mention names and the data is provided in a form of a report, with findings for the entire group, not just simply one individual. Market research providers normally have privacy policy statements on their website, assuring participants that their privacy is protected during survey experiments.

Can I get rich taking online surveys?

Probably not. Any website that says you will is lying. Even if you sign up with every single market research company in existence, you'll probably only have enough surveys to do as a part time job. Online survey taking is more like an easy and fun way to supplement your existing income. Who else would pay you $25 for less than 15 minutes of your time, to answer a bunch of questions about, say, candy?