Cell Phone Surveys

Almost everyone seems to have a cell phone in this day and age. Market research companies are now offering an increasing number of cell phone surveys to their panelists.

There are benefits to both the survey taker and the researcher, namely the ease and speed of completing the survey for the panelist and obtaining results quickly for those seeking the feedback.

Why Researchers Conduct Cell Phone Surveys

Just as there are a number of different businesses, services and agencies that conduct surveys, there are different end results each of them are looking for. For example, a beverage company may be thinking of introducing a new flavor to their current line up and want to get the public's reaction before going ahead. In this case, they would likely be looking for as many respondents as possible and probably would not be in a big hurry for their results. A traditional online survey would work great for this subject, especially since there would tend to be graphics involved as they ask their panelists for feedback on the new labels that would accompany their new product.

However some companies just need a few questions answered and are looking for quick feedback; in this case cell phone surveys are the answer. Surveys that are short, have no graphics and are easy to answer are ideal for cell phones. Considering the majority of users have touchscreen phones, most panelists will find that answering mobile surveys is simple to do. The added bonus of being notified immediately and not having to wait until they get home means a greater likelihood that panelists will respond immediately, which is an added benefit to the researchers.

How to Complete Cell Phone Surveys

When signing up with a survey company, a potential panelist may be asked for a cell phone number. This is an indication that mobile surveys could be available. Next, the make and model of the cell phone will be requested, as different surveys are available depending on the device.

For instance, if a panelist has a smart phone with a touchscreen, they may be sent both specialized cell phone surveys and regular online surveys optimized for touchscreens, as this device makes answering surveys on their browser as simple as clicking a mouse is at home. However, if the survey taker has a traditional phone, they may be sent short cell phone surveys via SMS. These surveys only require sending a few text messages back and forth and have minimal graphics.

Another question the panelist may be asked is if they have a camera built in to their phone. In some cases, panelists will be asked to take a picture of a product they are using or the location they are taking the survey in. This photograph is then sent via text to the survey company and used alongside the answered questions in their research.

Why Participate

The benefits to panelists of registering for and then completing cell phone surveys are many. The biggest benefit is that the panelist will qualify for more surveys and therefore earn more rewards! By receiving notification of a new survey immediately on their phones, panelists will find they are not screened out for surveys because they are already full.

Completing a survey via text or through a smart phone browser ensures the panelists is one of the first to answer and has an advantage over other panelists that may find the survey is full by the time they get home to check their email inbox.