Free Money Making Affiliate Programs

SurveyBounty is not a market research company, and does not actually provide consumers with online surveys. Instead, we are more of a directory to help interested consumers voice their opinions and make some extra money on the internet by listing the most legitimate online survey companies available.

According to MarketingSherpa, the affiliate marketing industry was a 6 billion dollar industry in 2005! If you own a website, you can start making money online via affiliate programs.

Although we ourselves do not offer an online affiliate program, we are happy to provide some resources for webmasters who are interested in making money online via affiliate partnerships.

The following is a list of free money making affiliate programs to help you get started:

Top Money Making Affiliate Programs

  • Panthera Network - Great pricing and commitment to work with publishers to maximize revenue
  • Maxbounty - A Canadian network offering some of the best customer support you'll ever encounter
  • Clickbank - Promote your products easily through ClickBank, which features over 100,000 affiliates.

As we continue to research the best online marketing companies on the internet, we will also continue to update this listing.

Do Your Research! How to Choose an Affiliate Network