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  • Earn cash and prizes for each completed survey
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  • New member cash drawings
  • Join over 12 million other successful survey panelists
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Greenfield OnlineGreenfield Online is an online survey company that runs one of the Internet's largest and most recognized online survey panels in the world. Greenfield Online's survey panel is international, although most respondents are from the US and Canada with a current panel size in the millions. Greenfield's goal is to create the largest, most geographically and demographically diverse online survey panels. Thus far, they are succeeding.

Greenfield Online came to be in 1994 and has since become one of the largest market research firms in the world. Initially more of a full-service internet survey consulting business, Greenfield has since evolved into a more technologically advanced and sophisticated online surveys provider. Greenfield Online became a publically traded company on the NASDAQ in April of 2004 and currently trades under the symbol SRVY.

Shortly after their IPO (initial public offering), Greenfield Online acquired, which resulted in an increase of the Greenfield panel by over 1 million respondents. The OpinionSurveys panel still operates, and is open to US residents 13+.

In April of 2005, Greenfield acquired Ciao networks, which is especially popular in Europe. This acquisition broadened Greenfield's global presence, and has helped them become a major player in the online surveys arena. Greenfield has offices in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, and Romania.

Greenfield Online takes panelists' privacy seriously, and have had their privacy statement reviewed by TRUSTe. Greenfield offers cash, prizes and sweepstakes entries as rewards to panelists who complete surveys. Prizes in the past have included vacations, and electronic equipment.

Greenfield Online is open to residents of all countries of the world, who are 13+. Their website is available in both English and French.

Greenfield Online News:

- Greenfield Online Launches New Technology Platform
- Greenfield Online Signs New Agreements with Two Client Partners in North America
- Greenfield / Ciao Establishes Native Language Market Research Panels in Japan, South Korea and China
- Greenfield / Ciao Launches New Panels Across Europe, Latin America and Australia
- British Employees Struggle to Balance Work and Life According to Major New Survey
- Greenfield Online Features New Survey Solutions at Advertising Research Foundation 2005 Conference


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